About Caroline O'Grady

Caroline O’Grady creates work that is both salacious and sweet. She enjoys producing images for any and all who would enjoy erotic, energetic and socially conscious work with a flair for the indulgent and a fondness for the cute. This includes but is not limited to erotic illustration, classy (and sassy) smut, book cover illustrations, character portraits and editorial work that focuses on gender politics. Recently she has focused her work on advocating for the end of abuse in the BDSM community and supporting thoughtful discourse between kinksters and non-kinksters alike on the subject of enthusiastic consent in BDSM.

Caroline’s work exists in the intersection between figurative stylization and graphic symbolism with a focus on atmosphere and mood. Challenging the social norms that govern sexuality and celebrating progressive expressions of eroticism are her modus operandi, and she aspires to create work for alternative culture publications, erotic web collectives and, one day, a saucy webcomic. While Caroline does a great deal of digital work, she maintains a firm grasp of traditional materials and techniques including watercolors and screen sprinting.

Caroline O’Grady lives in Portland, Oregon where the rain and a plethora of coffeehouses fuel her artistic passion. She has recently graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Projects and Publications

Artist Series for Columbia Willamette Planned Parenthood (Co-Designer)

Bitch Magazine (Fall 2013)


Group Exhibitions

PNCA Illustration Juried Show

2012 Imago Art Space


Spring Illustration Show

2013 Mel's Frame Shop